2014 Clinic Notes

Andy Kerley Making Your Coop Work
Brian Hutsler Integrating Frosh/Soph into the Varsity Program
Bryan Stortz Rock Island Football
Chad Beaver Program Development
Chad Eisenmenger Option Series 2014
Chuck Milem Practice in the Triple Option Offense
Craig Buzea Getting the Ball to the TE
Damon Tomeo Knox College Football Defense
Darin Driscoll Off Season Strength & Conditioning
Dave Lenti Mt. Carmel Defense
DerrickNelson OL Run Clinic
Dick Duval Playoff Preparation
Gabe Cesaretti Nokomis Football Family Philosophy
James Brown 4 - 4 Defense
Jeremy Cordell Attack the Spread with the 3 - 3 Hit Squad
Jim Innis Practice and Game Day Productivity
Joe Ryan QB Run Presentation
Jon Cooper 2ndary Play
Josh Roop Leadership Presentation
Ken Leonard Gun Run Presentation
Kurth Barth Quick Game
Larry Johnsen Jet Sweep
Marc Delaere Toughness & Leadership
Matt Fox Off Season Program
Mike Emmendorfer New Concepts for the Trips Formation
Mike Lalor Less is More and Other Ideas
Mike Papoccia Drills & Frills
Mike Parmentier Targeting the Shotgun Offense
Nick Hildreth Changing the Culture
Pat Watson Offensive Line Play
Phil Acton Drills
Rob Erickson Cover 2
Rod Carey Developing a Program with Multiple Head Coaches
Tim Franken Winter Strength Training & Conditioning
Tom Jobst Buck Series
Troy McCallister Variations of the Zone Read
Tyson LeBlanc Getting the Most Out of the Zone Read
Vito Andriola Team Cultures