Dan Appino

Rockford Auburn H. S.

Power Read Series

Robert Aurillo

Montini H. S.

Coordinating Red Zone & Short Yardage Offense w/the Spread

Ron Bass

Tri Valley H. S.

Pressuring the Spread Offense

Michael Brasile

Hampshire H. S.

Practice Organization and Screen Game

Gary Carter

Murphysboro H. S.

Pistol Wing T Passing Game

Joe Curry

St. Francis University

Downhill Running Game and Play Action: The Jet Series

Bob Flake

Belleville West H. S.

Using Counter Trey to Compliment the Zone Read

Shane Fry

West Lafayette H. S.

No Huddle System

Jason Fulton

Newton H. S.

Offensive Line Development - The Eagle Way

Pete Gabel

Marist H. S.

Defensive Practice Structure and Organization

Terry Kent

Downers Grove South

Teach your lineman concepts not plays

Tim Kuhn

Nashville H. S.

Explosive Plays in the Double Wing

Brad Kunz

Plano H. S.

Self Evaluation through Offensive Line/Position Grades

Marc May

St. Laurence H. S.

Team Building, Selling a Vision of a Program & Getting Players and Parents to Buy In

Jared McNutt

Warren H. S.

Pass game - Cover 2, 3, & 4 Coverage Beaters

Florin Mitran

Deerfield H. S.

Program Development

John O'Connor

St. Ignatius H. S.

Faith and Family

Shane Owsley

North Mac H. S.

Gun Read Option Implementation

Rick Ponx

Aurora University

Pride, Work, Win: Changing the Culture

Jesse Snyder

Princeton H. S.

Tiger 4 - 4 Swarm

Rick Splitt

Palatine H. S.

Cover 2 vs The Pass and Run

Steve Winiecki

Deerfield H. S.

When in Doubt, Run the Triple

Zach Zehr

Arcola H. S.

Defensive Line Play: Techniques and Drills