Illinois High School Football Coaches Association





IHSFCA Officers


Brett Cazalet, Dunlap - President

Bryan Lee, Chester - 1st Vice President

Kevin Crandall, Rochelle - 2nd Vice President

Anthony Sheehan, Richards - 3rd Vice President

Phil Salzer, Peoria Central - Secretary/Treasurer

Phil Acton, Bolingbrook - Recording Secretary

Jeff Alderman, Alton - Hall of Fame Chairman

Co-Clinic Directors: Rick Odgers & George Turnbull

District Representatives

District 1 - Erick Ware (Chicago Bogan) and Troy McAllister (Chicago Phillips) 

District 2 - Mike Maloney (Woodstock Marian) and Patrick Elder (Richmond Burton)

District 3 - Jason Aubry (Joliet West) and Brad Kunz (Plano)

District 4 - Jon Schlemmer (Sterling) and Jason Kirby (UTHS)

District 5 - Mike Allen (Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley) and Wes Temples (Normal Community)

District 6 - Aaron Kunz (Williamsville)

District 7 - Ray Kauling (Centralia)



Jeff Alderman

Dave Jacobs

Joe Ryan

Mike Briscoe

Dave Bates

Larry Lavery

Pat Ryan

Greg King

Dan Bowman

Jack McInerney

Harold "Sam" Samorian

Larry Johnsen, Jr

Mike Briscoe

Paul Murphy

John Venturi

Eric Michaelsen

Brett Detering

Tim Nolen

John Jackson


Tim Dougherty

Dale Patton

Jeff Reents



“Viewing Student Athletes Not As They Are But As They Can Be”